The 8 best house cleaning companies in USA

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Are you looking to free up time and enjoy a spotless home with the help of the best house cleaning companies? Then this Gigonway guide is for you. Today we will explore the top house cleaning agencies in the United States that offer professional and reliable services across the country. Discover how these experts can transform your home while giving you more time to devote to essential activities or just relax.

Join us as we discuss some of the names of cleaning companies in America, their key features, flexibility, and satisfaction guarantees that make these companies stand out in the industry.

Best House Cleaning Companies in the United States

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Merry Maids, the best house cleaning agency in the United States

1. Merry Maids

Why we chose it: A worry-free warranty backed by 40 years of experience makes Merry Maids a reliable choice for home cleaning services, as well as offering everything from deep cleaning to home organization expertise to a clean, tidy and well-organized residence.

Variety of additional services to address specific household needsPrices vary by location
Wide geographical availabilityA quote must be requested at home to know the cost
Available for recurring or one-time home cleaning sessions

Merry Maids is a well-established house cleaning company with over 40 years of experience in the business. With over 500 locations in the United States and Canada, chances are you have a local office near you, use their surf finder. Merry Maids offers personalized and guaranteed cleaning services, with vetted, insured and guaranteed cleaning professionals. Customers can schedule recurring or one-time cleanings based on their needs. Rates and promotions may vary by location. Merry Maids has been recognized as the most recommended cleaning service in the United States by the Women’s Choice Awards since 2013.

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2. MaidPro

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The house cleaning agency that best fits your budget: MaidPro

Why we chose itMaidPro specializes in creating a cleaning plan that fits your budget and offers an instant quote over the phone.

AdvantagesWhat we don’t like
Quotes are offered by phoneCleanings are scheduled in «morning» or «afternoon» arrival windows
Any cleaning can be skipped or cancelled with 48 hours’ noticeAvailable rates and promotions vary by location
No service contracts requiredMay be more expensive compared to other similar services
MaidPro’s Custom Cleaning Plan is Designed to Save

MaidPro suggests saving time and money by focusing on high-traffic areas and skipping spaces that aren’t used often. Plus, MaidPro’s instant phone quotes eliminate the need for an in-person visit to receive an estimate. Use your branch finder to find the nearest agency.

3. The Maids

The Maids is one of the fastest house cleaning companies for its 4-cleaner system – Best for big jobs

Why we chose it: Although The Maids is available to clean homes of any size, the team of four on each job provides a quick, yet thorough cleaning for large jobs.

AdvantagesWhat we don’t like
A team of four to clean even large houses in less timeCredit card required to keep an appointment
A team leader who knows your home and your needsInitial deep cleaning may incur additional charges
Same day services available

The Maids is a good choice for cleaning large homes with a standard approach that includes a team of four cleaners per job. A team leader is responsible for knowing the particularities of your home and guarantees a complete and consistent experience. The Maids offers recurring house cleaning services or one-time sessions, including the option to hire same-day housekeeping services, depending on local availability. The service doesn’t necessarily save money, but it does offer faster cleaning times.

4. Maid Brigade

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Among all the cleaning companies in the United States, Maid Brigade is one of the most eco-friendly companies – The best ecological company

Why we chose it: Known for its PUREcleaning method, Maid Brigade offers non-toxic cleaning services that are powerful and effective for routine maintenance and disinfection.

AdvantagesWhat we don’t like
No fee for eco-friendly cleaning productsInitial cleaning is billed by the hour, which can lead to a higher bill than expected
Highlights the belief that products and processes should support green and effective home cleaningOnly available in 32 U.S. states
Optional disinfectant mist can provide greater peace of mind

Maid Brigade stands out for its PUREcleaning approach, which uses non-toxic, EPA-green products, including an electrolyzed water cleaner and disinfectant, four-stage filtration vacuums with HEPA filters, and color-coded microfiber cleaning cloths. In addition, some establishments offer a «PUREmist» disinfection service using an electrostatic mist to eliminate bacteria, viruses and germs. Maid Brigade is a good choice for those looking for green and safe home cleaning services in their home. Use your branch finder to find the nearest agency.

5. The Cleaning Authority

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The Cleaning Authority is one of the best house cleaning services in the entire territory of the United States – The best company for deep cleaning your home

Why we chose itThe Cleaning Authority provides cleaning services nationwide, plus it provides a thorough cleaning every time, but rotates deep cleaning tasks to make sure things like grout and battery trays get regular attention.

AdvantagesWhat we don’t like
Pay attention to areas that are often overlooked48 hours notice required to reschedule a cleaning or to add/remove a room
Use eco-friendly cleaning products
The phone app allows you to control cleaning sessions at home

The Cleaning Authority offers a rotating deep house cleaning with a 48-point checklist to make sure your home is properly cleaned on every visit. The company pays specialized attention to specific areas that are often overlooked, such as skirting boards, extractor hoods and tile grout. In addition, The Cleaning Authority does not leave out the more standard parts of a home cleaning routine. Use your branch finder to find the nearest agency.

6. Tidy

The best house cleaning agency if you are looking for flexibility

Why we chose itTidy is built on an online platform that lets you schedule cleaners, customize cleaning sessions, and manage rescheduling within one easy-to-use app, this house cleaning service puts you in control.

AdvantagesWhat we don’t like
Possibility to always choose the same cleanerLimited geographic availability
Leave cleaning notes with photos to make sure trouble spots take priorityCancellations made within 24 hours of scheduled cleaning incur a charge of 50% of the rate
Mobile app makes it easy to schedule or cancel cleanings as you need

Tidy is an online cleaning platform that allows you to customize your cleaning service and schedule one-time or recurring sessions without having to sign a contract. You can choose from three cleaning options, set the frequency of cleaning, and customize cleaning to focus on high-priority rooms or areas. The app also allows you to leave notes and photos for the cleaner and make changes to the cleaning schedule. Please note that there are additional charges for one-time cleanings and same-day services. Browse their list of locations to find the nearest agency.

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7. Molly Maid

The Best House Cleaning Company Without a Contract

Why we chose herMolly Maid, is a house cleaning agency that offers no-contract cleaning services, allowing you to find the frequency that suits your home and lifestyle without feeling stuck in a long-term service contract.

AdvantagesWhat we don’t like
Wide geographical availabilityA quote is required at home to get the price
24-hour satisfaction guaranteeIt is necessary to notify 72 hours in advance to reschedule or cancel

Molly Maid is one of the leading house cleaning companies in the United States and stands out for its no-contract service model. They offer weekly, biweekly or monthly cleaning sessions to keep your home clean, as well as one-off cleanings if you only need a one-off cleaning. Molly Maid focuses on results and customer satisfaction rather than relying on long-term contracts, and her business model has proven successful in the home cleaning services market. Use your branch finder to find the nearest agency.

8. USA Clean Master

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Best House Cleaning Agency for Carpet Cleaning

Why we chose it: Carpet and upholstery cleaning is USA Clean Master’s bread and butter. When you need to thoroughly clean your upholstery, carpets, hardwood floors, air ducts or tiles, hire this company. They have been doing business since 2003.

USA Clean Master specializes in offering deep cleaning services for homes, including tile grout cleaning and pet stain removal. They also offer restoration services for properties damaged by water or fire. Although some customers have reported sudden changes in prices, the company is available in every state in the United States and offers regular, weekly or bi-monthly cleanings as well as its specialty in carpet care.

What areas of the house are included in the cleaning of houses?

A typical home cleaning service should include the following areas to be housed:

  • Kitchen: Your kitchen should always receive special treatment because it is the nerve center of the home. Cleaning can start from the small appliances and then the inside of your microwave, to the drip trays, hob and hood. They will also vacuum and scrub your floors after they have cleaned the rest of your chairs, cabinets, appliances and tables.
  • Laundry Room: All surfaces in this room will be cleaned by our home cleaning services, from the washer and dryer to the floor scrubbing.
  • Lounge: Your living room should be clean and comfortable whenever you are there to relax. For this reason, it is one of the main focuses of attention during household cleaning. The service will dust and clean every angle of your salon without skipping any spot. Furniture and flooring will also be vacuumed, as well as under cushions.
  • Dining room: All furniture in your home, especially those in the dining room, will be properly cleaned. Experienced cleaners will finish cleaning the dining room with vacuuming.
  • Bedrooms: Your home’s windowsills, skirting boards, and other surfaces in your bedroom will be dusted off to ensure you have a peaceful night’s sleep. The frames of the hangings and mirrors will also be cleaned and vacuumed at the end. Bedspreads can also be replaced if requested.
  • Bathrooms: The cleanliness of your bathroom is very important because it is one of the most frequented rooms in your home. The service will clean all dust and cobwebs from this room, as well as clean your sinks, bathtub, faucets, mirrors, countertops and other areas of the room. The professional cleaning team will clean your shower both inside and out and then scrub the floor after vacuuming.
  • Other rooms: They are always willing to help you clean other rooms as well. Home cleaning services are widely known for providing you with complete interior cleaning services that are perfectly suited to any residence.

Frequently Asked Questions About House Cleaning

What’s the difference between how you hire employees at traditional cleaning companies like Merry Maids and platforms like TaskRabbit, and what kind of employees work on each model?

Traditional house cleaning companies, such as Merry Maids, and online platforms, such as TaskRabbit, differ in their hiring models and type of employees. Traditional companies hire full-time or part-time employees who have gone through rigorous selection and training processes, ensuring greater consistency in service quality and the possibility of establishing long-term relationships with staff. However, these companies often have higher fees due to hiring and training costs.

On the other hand, platforms like TaskRabbit connect clients with freelancers who set their own rates and schedules. Although they offer greater flexibility and pricing options, the quality and consistency of the service may vary, as the «taskers» work independently. In short, traditional companies provide greater consistency and reliability at a higher cost, while online platforms offer flexibility and more competitive pricing, but with a less predictable quality of service. If you want to hire this type of staff, read our guide about it.Who should use household cleaning services?What is usually the price of cleaning services?How we choose the best house cleaning servicesShould I tip the maid?What are the different types of house cleaning services?What are some of the names of cleaning companies in the United States?Is there a trial period for cleaning services?Do I have to pay in advance or after the work is finished?Does the cleaning company require you to sign a contract?If I use a regular cleaning service, will I always receive the same cleaner?How often should my home be cleaned?What if I’m not happy with the cleaning company I’ve chosen?Can a cleaning service refund my money?

Wrapping up

If you’re looking for a reliable and consistent home cleaning service, there are a wide variety of options to choose from. From Merry Maids, which prides itself on its reliable, personalized results, to Tidy, which allows you to customize your cleaner’s to-do list and schedule your home cleaning at your convenience, there’s a cleaning company to meet your needs. And if you’re still not convinced to hire a home cleaning agency, you can always choose to hire freelance cleaners through the platforms mentioned in this guide. House cleaning can be hard and exhausting work, so let the cleaning professionals do the work for you and dedicate your time to the things that matter most to you.

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